1. Latest healthcare industry report confirms that data breaches are increasing


The report revealed the statistics on information security breaches that happened in the healthcare industry

  • 76 percent of healthcare IT decision makers claim breach of confidential information or unauthorized access to clinical applications as their greatest security concerns
  • Data breaches in healthcare cost $301 per record, which is $87 more per record than the average.
  • About 27,000 individuals are affected by a single data security breach.
  • 78 percent of all records breached are the result of 10 incidents, five of which are the result of theft of common storage media e.g. desktop computers, network servers, and portable devices.
  • 61 percent of breaches are a result of malicious intent.
  • 66,000 individuals, on average, are affected by a single breach of portable media.
  • 40 percent of records breached involved business associates.

– A combined analysis report by Redspin and other organizations.

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