The pros and cons of offshore outsourcing – At a glance

Offshore outsourcing- What researches say?

There are several hundreds of researches on outsourcing, by now. Analyzing these researches, field experts say that “Medical billing companies prefer to do offshore outsourcing because of the tremendous cost savings they get from the deal”.

Other factors they mention are:

For the offshore medical billing companies, there should be no compromise for performance.  There is a complex quality framework as target for them which is constantly reviewed. So, performance shouldn’t be a problem for the outsourcers if they keep track of the service providers and have agreements in place.

Risk mitigation is a part of their agenda for the offshore medical billing companies and risk management becomes easy for the outsourcer since the risk is shared

So what is the darker side of offshore outsourcing?

  1. Some outsourcers give second thought to outsource to an offshore medical billing company because of the threat to their confidential information.
  2. Some companies fear that they will lose control of the managerial function while outsourcing.
  3. Communication gap arising out of different language practices in various geographies contribute to fear of offshore outsourcing

How to address these questions on offshore outsourcing:

Confidentiality, business communication and managerial functions are major factors influencing a company’s growth.

It is apparent that offshore outsourcing is highly profitable but involves these risks also.

These are not three different factors that an outsourcer should focus, but is it the question of finding a reliable super performer to whom the task should be outsourced. Once such an offshore medical billing  company is found, you can very will set your fears apart!

Between success and failure, the gap is finding a good offshore medical billing company to rely on.

Still the answer is unknown to the question whether outsourcing to an offshore medical billing  company is a boon or bane. It depends upon the outsourcer company’s administration of business and solution provider’s efficiency of operation.