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Why Outsource ?

The answer to this question is simple. Medical billing needs proper attention, as it involves medical codes, documentation, claims and reimbursements. Not to miss, potential human resource, proper communication and regular follow-ups. That's why there is a need for outsourcing medical billing functions to a specialist.

Why Outsource Medical Billing

Healthcare outsourcing bridges two healthcare companies and there is a platform for sharing the technological and subject matter expertise for mutual benefits. Moreover, due to the necessity for reducing the expenses in U.S healthcare industry, healthcare outsourcing has increased to a great extent. With the benefits provided through healthcare outsourcing, healthcare companies can be more productive and successful.

Organizations choose to outsource medical billing, as it is the smartest way to get benefited! Yes, it’s true. Researches and surveys prove that medical billing outsourcing has become a global trend these days. Mushrooming of the medical billing outsourcing service providers is evidence to the fact that medical billing outsourcing is much preferred and widely accepted.

Usually physicians and billing companies provide outsourced medical billing due to several main reasons:

  • When the work load is heavy and it is inevitable to get outsourced medical billing
  • To cope with the increasing need to save operations and administrative costs
  • To help with new implementations in industry like ICD10
  • To aid with clearing heavy backlogs

Though there are various other reasons to get outsourced medical billing, the common gains experienced by medical billing outsourcing are:


1. Risk Sharing

2. Liberty to focus in the core function

3. Helps business expansion

4. Competitive advantage

5. Tremendous cost savings

At ecare, we provide end-end medical billing outsourcing services. When you outsource medical billing to us, apart from the general benefits you get from outsourcing medical billing, you will experience the real pleasure of sharing the business risk. We will always keep you informed about the latest trend in the industry, new ideas that may enhance your process and give you more profit.

How to choose a good medical billing company for outsourcing?

There are lot of aspects that you, as an outsourcer should think about, while signing an agreement with a medical billing service provider.

Here are the steps to analyze the qualities of best medical billing company for outsourcing:

Check if the medical billing company is HIPAA compliant. Find if the medical billing company is ISO certified (ensures higher levels of process efficiency)

Ask the medical billing service provider, how they secure patient’s information apart from the HIPAA compliance.

Know their experience in the medical billing field. Higher the experience, more are the benefits you get by outsourcing medical billing to them.

Know their business strategy. A well-laid business plan of your service provider can save you unbelievable dollars in medical billing.

How many medical billing clients do they work for? (Know how your job could be done properly without interruption due to pressure from other clients)

Know & analyze the benefits you get from the medical billing company.

Do complete cost analysis. Ask if there are hidden costs with medical billing.

Compare the benefits that the medical billing company provides with the benefits you get when you do medical billing by yourself.

Know the deadline that they have set up for task accomplishment in each specialty (This is the SLA - The service level agreement, highly important for timely delivery of services)

Know the details about the medical billing software they use.

Is their technological infrastructure flexible to make changes if required? (In case of adding new medical billing clients to your database, process changes etc,)

Is the medical billing company supported with the latest technology to perform your function?

Confirm their process accuracy % (errors in the process might lead to delay or denial of payment)

Know the basic information about their employees like: How many employees work in the company, how many are certified etc., (This is to get a clear picture of their work potential)

Does the medical billing company work on denial management? If they work on it, know the level of service.

The most important: Know their business continuity plan in case of emergency, disaster or epidemic disease. How do they continue the medical billing business?

In case you have already hired a medical billing company, check if your medical billing service provider is doing well:

1) Are they good performers?
2) Do they complete the task in time or cross the deadlines?
3) Is the medical billing company flexible to your needs and acts smart at the time of emergency? (Just like employing more human resources at the time of need and completing the task on a priority basis)
4) Are they providing you proper monthly reports with suggestions on financial improvement? (Are they explanatory)
5) Does the company stop with medical billing services alone or gives importance to client satisfaction?
6) How much money does the medical billing company save for you?
7) Are they available to you, for your queries and business communication?

Prepare a checklist and make sure that you get a positive reply for all your concerns.

If your service provider is an offshore medical billing company, include the below points in the checklist.

1) Know the offshore medical billing company’s compliance policies. (When you outsource medical billing to an offshore medical billing company, it is essential to verify how the medical billing company will maintain confidentiality of patient information)
2) The offshore medical billing company has to be well-versed in US insurance policies.
3) Make sure that the offshore medical billing company is in pace with the latest changes in the healthcare industry.
4) It is essential that there is no language or communication barrier between you and the offshore medical billing company since business communication is very important to run a smooth business.

Our Medical Billing Services

We provide end-end medical billing services that help clients in increasing the revenue while reducing the operational and administrative costs. ecare is a multi specialty medical billing services that enables accurate processing of medical insurance claims to get maximum reimbursements and reducing the claim denials.

Our team of certified medical billing specialists can work with all prominent medical billing software and can work with your medical billing software as well.

Medical coding outsourcing:

Medical coding is getting complicated with time due to the latest challenges in coding. To save yourself from the hassles, it is essential to consider medical coding outsourcing. When you do

medical coding outsourcing , service provider will support you in fulfilling industry requirements before deadline arrives.

Medical coding outsourcing to ecare India will provide you the competitive edge over others through great accuracy in coding and timely deliverables.

Advantage of hiring ecare as your offshore medical billing service provider:

Maximized reimbursements & reduced expenses

Cost-effective and client specific medical billing models

Expertise in several pronounced medical billing software

Wide range of medical billing services

Multi-specialty medical billing

ISO and HIPAA compliant medical billing

24x7 offshore medical billing services

Cost savings up to 40% in medical billing