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Why Outsource ?

The answer to this question is simple. Any activity or function that is not part of the ‘core deliverables’ of an entity ‘X’, but forms the ‘core deliverables’ of another entity ‘Y’, can be handled much more efficiently and with lesser costs by entity ‘Y’. This is the fundamental reason for outsourcing. There could be other reasons such as shortage of skilled people, high overhead expenses, time criticality (working 24x5) etc. Whatever the reasons, outsourcing has developed to a level where companies in similar domains partner to leverage the strengths of one another and save costs. For outsourced medical billing, India has been the destination of choice for well over a decade due to the availability of skilled English speaking people, ideal time-difference with the US and cost arbitrage.

Why Outsource Medical Billing

Healthcare outsourcing bridges two healthcare companies and becomes a platform for sharing the technological and subject matter expertise for mutual benefits. Moreover, due to the necessity for reducing the expenses in U.S healthcare industry, healthcare outsourcing has increased. With the benefits provided through healthcare outsourcing, healthcare companies can be more productive and successful.

Usually Physicians and Billing companies approach a medical billing outsourcing provider due to several reasons:

When the work load is heavy and it is inevitable to get additional support from outsourced medical billing

To cope with the increasing need to save operations and administrative costs

To help with new changes in the industry like HIPAA 5010, ICD-10 etc.

To clear heavy backlogs

The common gains experienced by outsourcing medical billing are:

Risk Sharing

Liberty to focus in the core function

Helps business expansion

When the work load is heavy and it is inevitable to get additional support from outsourced medical billing

Competitive advantage

Tremendous cost savings

e-care India is one of the premier medical billing companies in India. e-care provides end-to-end medical billing outsourcing services. When medical billing is outsourced to e-care, apart from the general benefits of outsourcing medical billing, you will experience the real pleasure of sharing the business risk. e-care will always keep you informed about the latest trends in the industry, new ideas that may enhance your processes that deliver more revenues and profits.