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E.C.A.R.E Program - Efficient Cash Acceleration And Revenue       Enhancement program

The Efficient Cash Acceleration And Revenue Enhancement program is a specialized program that focuses on enabling quicker cash flows by ensuring shorter turn-around of claim submission and revenue enhancement by identifying unpaid/aged claims and getting them paid using concentrated efforts.

Almost all practices lose a substantial amount of their reimbursement due to underpayment or delayed or non-payment of the insurance claims. This may be due to several reasons including coding errors or irregular follow-up, resulting in a huge loss. As part of the ECARE program we understand the importance of following up with insurance Payers and hence we work towards ensuring 100% claim payment, where possible.

Program Features:

Cash Acceleration : The main feature of this program is faster submission of medical claims to insurance companies. The practice or billing office would scan the ‘super bills’ to our office at the end of the day in the US. e-care can also access the EHR which provides the information required to process the claim. The 12-hour time difference between India and USA would ensure that before the US office opens the next day, the team at e-care would enter and transmit the claims to the Insurance payers. This would give a one day lead-time in processing of claims which translates into a gain of at least one day in payment receipt.

Revenue Enhancement: It is a known fact that greater the aging, the more difficult it is to get the aged claims paid. With e-care’s concentrated and regular follow-up on the outstanding claims, aging of claims is kept in check which results in Revenue Enhancement.

Program Highlights

Low cost risk-free medical billing

Guaranteed submission of ‘CLEAN-CLAIMS’

Early detection of aging claims followed with timely follow-ups

Shorter revenue cycle

Assured increase in cash and insurance reimbursements

Tailored to meet client's specific needs