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Radiology Billing


There are many specialties that have their own nuances. Radiology is one among them that requires specialized knowledge in radiology medical billing. The frequent changes in coding and billing regulations have made radiology medical billing more complicated. Similar to other ‘hospital-affiliated specialty’ billing, radiology billing has some unique requirements that differ from the usual healthcare medical billing. Therefore, it is essential that the billing staff know what they are doing, especially when dealing with medical billing and coding for Diagnostic Radiology and Imaging Centers.

e-care India has radiolog billing staff with more than 10 years of expertise that can handle both the Technical and Professional components of Radiology Billing.

Global Billing of Diagnostic Radiology

Professional component Billing of Diagnostic Radiology

When handling radiology medical billing, it is essential to clearly differentiate between the professional and technical components of the billing. While the reading of the diagnostic test is billed for the Professional component, the usage of the Radiology machines, consumables such as dyes and instruments are billed for the Technical component.

e-care’s revenue cycle management solutions for radiology provide competitive edge to our clients over their competitors, by reducing their operational costs up to 50% and facilitating incremental revenue for the Radiologists and their Group.