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How to choose a good Healthcare Outsourcing Service?

There are lots of aspects that an outsourcer should think about, while signing an agreement with a provider of healthcare outsourcing services.
Here are some questions and guidelines to analyze the qualities of a good medical billing company for outsourcing:

Check if the medical billing company is HIPAA compliant. Find if the medical billing company is ISO certified - ensures higher levels of process efficiency

Ask the medical billing service provider, how the company secures patient information apart from the HIPAA compliance

Know the company’s experience in the medical billing field. Higher the experience, more are the benefits by outsourcing medical billing to them

Know the company’s business strategy. A well-laid business plan of the healthcare outsourcing service provider can save unbelievable dollars in medical billing

How many medical billing clients does the company work for? - To know how work of new clients could be done properly without interruption or pressure from other clients

Know and analyze the benefits from the provider of healthcare outsourcing services

Do a complete cost analysis. Ask if there are hidden costs with medical billing

Compare the benefits that the medical billing company provides with the benefits of doing medical billing with ’in-house’ teams

Know the deadline that is set-up for task accomplishment in each specialty. This is the SLA - The service level agreement, highly important for timely delivery of services

Know the details about the medical billing software used. Will the healthcare outsourcing services provider work on already existing software or do they force to switch to their software?

Is the technological infrastructure flexible to make changes if required? - In case of adding new medical billing clients to the database, process changes etc.

Is the medical billing company supported with the latest technology and bandwidth to perform the functions?

Confirm the process accuracy percentage - errors in the process might lead to delay or denial of payment

Know the basic information about the employees - How many employees work in the company, how many are certified etc.

The most important: Know the business continuity plan in case of emergency, disaster or epidemic disease. How is the plan structured to continue delivering services?

If already working with a medical billing company, check if that healthcare outsourcing services provider is doing well:

How is the performance?

Are tasks completed on time or delayed?

Flexibility and Adaptability? – adding more people when volumes spike or complete a task on priority on request

Provide Monthly reports and compare improvements with baseline?

Importance to client satisfaction – just a vendor or an active partner?

Savings – enough to continue with the same healthcare outsourcing services provider?

Availability – for queries and business communication.

Prepare a checklist and make sure that a due-diligence is done that covers the above aspects.