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We use the best in technology

We at e-care India completely understand your concern about communication, data protection and security while outsourcing. We have invested in state-of-art technology to ensure that there is seamless communication and uninterrupted flow of data. Our stringent security measures ensure that all the information transmission is completely secure.

Spread over an area of 35,000 sq feet, we operate from 2 state-of-the-art facilities located in Chennai which is also referred to as the Detroit of South Asia. e-care also has 1 facility in Tirunelveli about 400 miles south of Chennai which functions primarily as a Disaster Recovery Center for Business Continuity for seamless delivery of services to our clients. With 650+ workstations, our office premises provide ample scope for expansion. Being located in Chennai, which has a broad industrial base in car, technology, hardware manufacturing and healthcare services, we enjoy economies of scale and various other benefits.

Physical Security

Our premises are manned 24/7 with security personnel. Access to our facilities are through a triple authentication process – Photo ID+Access Card+Biometric (finger print). Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras have been installed across the premises which are continuously monitored by the security personnel. Access to the servers have an additional layer of access restrictions and can be accessed by authorized personnel only.


We use Cisco Routers for the connectivity. Cisco and Sonic wall firewalls ensure that the network is protected and handle multiple encrypted VPN's. Dell Servers ensure optimal performance. We use high end EPABX from Tadiran, Israel, leaders in Telecommunication products, for our Call center.


We work with more than one Internet Service Providers (ISP) for our Internet connectivity. This ensures redundancy if there is a failure of connectivity at one ISP. Sufficient Internet bandwidth has been made available to prevent congestion. 128-bit encryption is used for connectivity between our office and the client’s location.

Security and Confidentiality

We at e-care India are very cautious about security and take it very seriously. Various steps have been taken to ensure data protection and network security. See our Security page for more details