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Offshore Medical Billing

One of the most challenging decisions to make in outsourcing is whether to near-shore or off-shore the work. While near-shore options look better at first glance, some of the major benefits like pricing competitiveness, leveraging the time zone difference for 24 hour operational capabilities; political stability etc. could be deterrents. With the off-shore option, many of the above factors actually become favorable.

Offshore medical billing has been in existence for more than 2 decades now, and is a proven concept that has helped in the growth of many healthcare entities in the US. Of the several geographical options to offshore, India is considered to be an optimal choice due to the ideal time difference (approx 9 -15 hours), a vast English speaking talent pool, stable Democratic Govts. and finally the pricing arbitrage that can be leveraged.

Before choosing the right vendor or partner, the points mentioned below should be considered to ensure that the right decision is being made

If the service provider is an offshore medical billing company, check the details given below:

Know the offshore company’s compliance policies – HIPAA, compliance certifications, internal security policies etc.

The offshore company has knowledge of policies and rules of Payers by State, specialty specific rules, software expertise, dedicated and strong team of professionals etc.

Make sure that the offshore company is in pace with the latest changes in the healthcare industry.

It is essential that there is no language or communication barrier with the offshore company, since business communication is very important to run a smooth business.

Advantages of having e-care as your offshore medical billing provider:

Maximized reimbursements

Cost-effective and client specific pricing models

Expertise in several medical billing systems

Wide range of medical billing services

Multi-specialty medical billing

ISO and HIPAA compliant medical billing

24x7 offshore medical billing services

Cost savings up to 40% in medical billing

Increased Return on Investment

One size does not fit all

Server or cloud based

End-to-end and scope specific

Office based, Facility and Facility affiliated

Complete data security

Faster submission of claims, faster reimbursements

Can be used for expansion of business or practice