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e-care India is a healthcare revenue cycle management service provider in India, that focuses on providing end-to-end medical billing services. Being an ISO certified medical billing company; e-care ensures complete information security compliance and process efficiency through innovation and technology-driven services. e-care provides exceptional healthcare revenue cycle solutions to our clients and has a proven track record of high performance for more than 14 years.

e-care is completely flexible in the services that it can provide as well as the pricing models. e-care offers the complete revenue cycle management suite or specific services on a ‘a-la-carte’ basis. Again the pricing model can be customized with a percentage or ‘per FTE’ pricing based on the services that are needed.

Why choose e-care India for healthcare revenue cycle management?

Strict adherence to various industry guidelines have helped e-care in delivering high quality healthcare revenue cycle services resulting in faster payment, zero delays and minimum denials. e-care’s healthcare revenue cycle solutions benefit the clients’ business through Aged AR clean-ups and bad debt reduction allowing them to focus on their business or practice.

The following services are offered in our revenue cycle solutions suite:

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Customized Reports :

With medical billing, it is essential to keep track of the performance. e-care provides customized performance management reports to our clients on a monthly basis that is a complete analysis of the practice. The reports are system generated and well analyzed by our special team of business performance analysts. The reports are specific to the client's requirements so that they get customized reports of their choice.

e-care’s complete revenue cycle solutions provide an edge to our clients over their competitors, by reducing their operational costs by up to 40% and facilitating incremental revenue.

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