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Accounts receivables

Our clients never worry about AR/Denials…

One of the key areas in medical billing that directly impacts the cash flow is accounts receivable management. Therefore, it is only logical that a system of internal controls to properly manage medical billing AR follow-up is designed and put in place.

At e-care India, the AR management team is structured to be a complete solution provider to address difficulties that occur in cash flows and is operated as a part of the medical billing team. The goal here is to recover the funds owed to the client as quickly as possible. We aim at accelerating cash flows and reducing the Accounts Receivable days by submitting error free clean-claims, proper analysis of denied claims and regular follow-ups with insurance companies and patients for outstanding claims and dues.

Our Accounts Receivable Management services include:

Insurance Follow up

Healthcare Providers and medical billing companies lose a lot of money due to lack of follow-up on outstanding claims with the insurance companies. The e-care AR follow-up services are designed to ensure timely payment of claims.

e-care has a dedicated AR follow-up team that aggressively follows-up with insurance companies on all accounts. e-care’s trained staff constantly keep in touch with insurance companies via websites, fax, IVR and phone to ensure that claims are settled quickly. The AR management team continuously monitors the ageing buckets of the ARs and guarantee that all the claims are followed upon between 25-45 days from the date of entry depending on the payer.

Medical billing AR follow-up with insurances is done to obtain the status of the claims, status of appeals and denial reasons in case claims have been denied. Every effort is made to have the claim re-processed on the phone, during the call with the Insurance representative.

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Old Accounts Receivable Management Clean-up projects

e-care India also undertakes clean-up of old Accounts Receivables. Many a time, practices and Facilities have accumulated unresolved Accounts Receivables either through lack of proper AR follow-up due to lack of manpower or sometimes they end up with these backlogs due to poor AR Management done by another medical billing company. e-care India teams analyze the various accounts receivable reports provided by the client and determine strategies to work on the AR management strategy. The strategies are developed and executed, so that there is reduction of the bad debts and AR collections are maximized.

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